Website Audit

A website audit allows us to devise a strategy to improve traffic to your website. The website testing we carry out ranges from SEO testing to website speed testing and accessibility testing. If there are some issues, this might explain why a website is underperforming. We can also provide more extensive technical testing such as backlink analysis and competitor analysis. For the clients, we work with on a monthly basis to improve their website SEO we provide PageRank reports. These reports track SEO advancement and the success of keywords to drive traffic to their website.

Website Audit Benefits

Website audits and website analytics are essential for understanding the performance of your website online. The main benefit is that you can identify any issues which could have a negative impact on your website. Improving the performance of your website from speed to security and search engine optimisation can help your PageRank. This will ultimately lead to new business enquiries. Google Analytics can be implemented to ascertain where these viewers live, their age, gender and which pages or keywords are driving traffic to your website. This knowledge and data can help you market your business to potential customers. Please contact us today for a website audit.

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Website Audit Tests

Website Audit Recommendations

When all the website audits are complete, we compile the results and make a list of recommendations that will help improve your websites rankings, traffic and conversions. Having a website that is as good as it can be technically is vital to your online success. We have successfully worked with many clients using these tests to improve their rankings and generate more income from their websites.

Website Audit Speed Testing and Improvements

Website speed is a crucial factor for an online business. If your website is slow to load on a desktop computer or mobile phone, it can lose you sales. In general, you want a website to load under three seconds. If your website is loading slower than that you should consider improving your page load time. We can test your website speed and help to make it faster. This work entails a number of elements, see the list below for general website speed improvements: