Here are five easy tips from lifestyle blogger Homegirl London /

Your website is your window to the world, and if a blogger stumbles across your site in the middle of the night and feels compelled to write a story about your company, service or products, then we’d ideally like to find everything right there on your website without having to make contact.

What do bloggers want?  We don’t ask for much really; just the company history, the background story of the owners, clear product formation or service explanation and stylish photographic images …

Increase blogger coverage with these five steps

1.    Be personable: We want to know about your company history, who owns the business, relevant career experience, how the owner(s) met, and why they decided to start up their business.  Make sure all text on your website can be copied/cut and pasted.

2.    Be clear: Give straight forward descriptions of your products – name / price / size / shape / colours / materials / designer.  You don’t have to be over creative – that’s the job of the blogger.  In some cases, I’ve found website content too confusing to understand, so I give up and move onto something else.

3.    Be helpful: If you have a heap of press releases, then you should consider dedicating a section on your website to house this information.  Clearly, list the PR contact on your website.

4.    Be visual:  Bloggers want stylish photography, so this is where you should invest your money.  You should also allow easy copying of your website images which need to be high resolution and preferably jpegs.  Also, allow pinning to Pinterest.

5.    Be collaborative: When a blogger writes about your company or products, then, of course, you should promote this feature via your social media.  Think about including a ‘Press’ section on your website where you can showcase the article and show your appreciation.

So you see, this is quite standard information that your company should feature on the website, but in my experience, it is often not the case.  I hope this has been helpful.  Credits: text by Homegirl London